Inside the
Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Beer, a golden ale, is brewed and bottled by Grand Teton Brewing Company. This ale is brewed with the finest ingredients and pure Teton spring water. Available individually, or in a unique and decorative wooden case.


The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Wines come from a winery out of Sonoma County California, that specially bottles the various types of wine located at the Cowboy Bar.

Whether it be swing dancing to country music, or shooting pool, there's always plenty to do at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Just looking around at the beautiful decor of knobbled pine, animal mounts, and painting's is an event in and of itself.


The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is famous for its six nights a week swing dancing to live country music. If you would rather sit and visit you can do see in the real western saddles that serve as bar stools. These saddle-stools have become a signature of the bar today.

The Animal Mounts at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

The animal mounts are one of the most-looked-at wildlife in the area. Come in and see a life size timber wolf in pursuit of a bighorn sheep. Stand face to face with a snarling grizzly bear, or look into the eye of a mountain lion. There are numerous wildlife mounts and they all add to the fun and flare of the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar.


Action is always available on one of the four pool tables located in the front part of the bar. Evenings usually get the most action, so if a more relaxed game would suite your taste, stop in during the day.


Whether you prefer beer, wine, cocktails, or if you just want to visit with a soft drink the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar has plenty to offer. If you'd rather just sit back, relax and enjoy the scene, there are plenty of unique wooden tables to sit at. If the mood suits you, hop on one of the real saddle bar stools. Have a drink, grab a bite to eat and appreciate all there is to see and hear around you.

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Steakhouse, located downstairs from the bar, offers a great menu and enjoys an excellent reputation with locals and visitors alike. Call (307) 733-4790 for reservations, or email at


Cowboy Bar Gift Shop, located at the front of the bar, maintains a large selection of souvenirs and gifts relating to all things Cowboy.
We carry T-shirts, ball caps, playing cards, glasses of all kinds, Coffee Mugs with History on Back, and much, much more. Our most popular items are also available online at


Sturgis Pit Stop, The Cowboy Bar has become a famous pit stop for all those bikers traveling through Jackson Hole to get to Sturgis, South Dakota for the annual bike rally.

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